Nightmare Legacy (aroihkin) wrote in ko35,
Nightmare Legacy

Music Videos

It's been pretty quiet around here. I fired up Vegas 7 the other day and loaded up my PRiS folders... have a video. :)

Astronema [PRiS] // Lady Gaga - Bad Romance [HD]

I hope folks like it, I haven't done an Astronema video in a few years, but the song rather demanded one when I heard it. I may do a few others if I can find matching songs to some of the stuff I've been wanting to do.

Edit: I just realized I never posted the one I did a few years ago. Here it is:

Astronema [PRiS] // Duran Duran - Girls On Film

From before youtube had HD, unfortunately. If I ever boot up the computer I did it on I'll retrieve and upload the original, which wasn't saved in as large a format but should at least be crisper, considering. Although if I can grab all the files for it, I can probably re-render it into HD size. :D
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